A little bit about me

My name is Phil Lister, I have always had a fond interest in poetry ever since I was young. Something about the rhyming and playing on words. I won a competition in school and I have always wanted to do it again since.

I had a tough time as a kid at school and I found it extremely hard. I was bullied at school, a lot. I moved between my parents a few times and in secondary school moved about quite a bit. After leaving school i just started working and having relationships that failed. I moved out of home at 17 years old, got into money problems and went on a downward spiral. I had a difficult time understanding things. So i wrote poetry.

It was in 2003 that I wrote 9 pieces of poetry, I then hid them poems away and didn’t continue writing until now.

I suffered with my own problems, relationships, gambling addiction, debt, depression, bereavement, everyone has… There are people that have got it worse off than me.

I live in France now, I speak fluent French, I work, not my ideal job but to me family is the most important, my first born went before my career in moving to France, my new partner and I have a child together. My kids are the best thing that happened to me.

We all have regrets, we cannot change them, we have to move on. Life won’t stop cause we feel sorry for ourselves. Take what you can positive and go with it.

Stay positive!

For any contact you can email me at listerspoetry@gmail.com

Phil Lister