A prank call

I’m at work and the telephone starts to ring. Number withheld so I answer the thing.

Hello how may I help, I said. A brief pause then the insult he said.

I didn’t hear well so I ask him to repeat. The insult again, my heart increases it’s beat.

I think how should I respond to this little boy. What’s your game you little runt, this is your joy?

The little idiot has wound me up. Goodbye little boy, I hang up!

Phil lister 31/07/17


I'm part of Post A Day 2016


Whos got the biggest

There is a problem between two nations that is threatening to boil over. One person to give an order and people are sure to be affected. I decided to write a little poem on this, please give your feedback.
Has anyone ever thought of this question

In the world problem between these two leaders

One hates one, one hates the other more!

I’ll shoot mine, that’ll scare you

I’ll shoot mine that’ll scare you too

It’s a crazy world we live in

We are affected by this

One to give an order

And a new war could break out

It’s scary, unthinkable, DESTRUCTION!

Who has the biggest?

What is next in this history

Will it calm down. 

Please, I hope that it stops

Before it starts.

I'm part of Post A Day 2016

30/07/17 Phil lister


Vicious exhaustion

As I get in to the car

Seatbelt over my arms

I think about the journey

My eyes are red, heavy like iron

Let’s go, a journey of chaos awaits

My phone gets plugged in

Radio boring selected

Wake up you waster

Drive away, the first 10 minutes ok

Then FATIGUE, laughing in my face

Them shutter door eyelids are going

Bam, swerve, keep it straight lad

Half way there, come on its ok.

Music, air, sweets, SLAP SLAP SLAP


one of these days

One of these days

Home, finally, alive, good.

Get to bed,

Sleep, wake up, REPEAT


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Always one

Why is there always one ?

One who you cannot stand

Who gets underneath your skin

Eats away at you from within

You cannot lash out, it’s not correct!

Be the adult, it’s him the pest.

Resist resist, don’t bite you fool.

Be the bigger man, it’s all cool.

His arrogance and ego will get him.

He’ll do it all by himself.

But why is there always one?

Easy life never was any fun!

I'm part of Post A Day 2016

Phil lister 29/07/17


Life, why?

Fate is such a funny thing

You seem to be made to pay for your sins

It’s was that i can’t understand

Men in power with their woeful plans

What does it achieve, what does it gain?

Apart from torture, torment and pain

Back to my life as you can see

I have pain and torment inside of me

When will i realize that i am a pawn?

I am just a playing piece waiting to be worn

I realize now that fate is a funny thing

It thrives on controlling everything

It teaches us lessons, it gives us hope

Sorry i lie; it gives us false hope

Who asked for diseases, I can’t understand?

It’s the man in power again, with his woeful plan

This is life, c’est la vie

If you don’t like it just try to flee

There’s one way out, as the lights go dim

You have now paid for all of your sins!

Phil Lister 04/03/03


The curse of the baby

When you first come into this world

The nurse inspects you and gives you a twirl

You are then taken home and placed to rest

You are left to slumber and of course to rest

And from that moment there is a change

You start to cry and make your parents deranged

Through all the noise and the screaming

I think your parents would rather be dreaming

For this disruption causes stress

And their sweet child is no longer a bless

And for a reason unknown to you

Your parents split and are no longer two

Was it your fault? Is it true?

Was it actually because of you?

Phil Lister 05/03/03


Tick tock

I am sitting here (Tick Tock)

I am watching the clock (Tick Tock)

I am alone (Tick Tock)

I am at home (Tick Tock)

Why so depressing (Tick Tock)

Why this lesson (Tick Tock)

I want to end it (Tick Tock)

To stop that clock (Tick Tock)

Slower and slower (Tick Tock)

Beats the clock (Tick Tock)

For i am calm (Tick Tock)

With bloodied palms (Tick Tock)

I have done it (Tick Tock)

Set myself free (Tick Tock)

Now i see the light (Tick Tock)

My clock has stopped, No Tick Tock

Phil Lister 07/03/03


My eyes

I feel that my eyes are the key to my soul

If you look within them you will see i have many goals

For i am an emotional person and caring too

Sometimes outrageous, quiet and shy too

With their blue and their green they may look sweet

But don’t be surprised if you look really deep

That when you see my anger, and my rage

I vow to you that i will amaze

For when you see the passion in my eyes

You will be amazed and surprised

Because although they have passion, i know it’s true

Sometimes ignorance and vulnerability too

I am just a boy inside of it all

And my eyes protect my heart, just like a wall

Phil Lister 07/03/03