I never got to say goodbye

I miss you so much

It feels like yesterday

Years have passed by

All along the way


It happened so quickly

In not even a year

You were taken from us

My biggest fear


I dream of seeing you

Hugging you tight

Holding you in my arms

Smiling with delight


Talking to you just once

To say what I had to say

“dad I miss you, I love you”

I always will come what may.


Many years have passed

And even now it makes me cry

Remembering like it was yesterday

I never got to say goodbye.

Phil lister 07/08/17



I'm part of Post A Day 2016


32 Replies to “I never got to say goodbye”

  1. Nicely put, a son’s fondly remembering and deeply missing his loving Dad after so many years of parting, as if it was yesterday only. The poem exudes a strange freshness of deep father-son bonding! Keep it up friend!

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  2. Beautiful words… so very touching. It’s never easy when those we love fall asleep in death… both my parents died and though it’s been many years, I still cry at times when a song or a scent brings back a memory. Thank you for sharing this 🙂

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