Forever happy

I wait just to hear your next word

You have me here like a sheep in your herd

Spending time with you is effortless

I study your movements, every geste

How you talk, how you smile, when your happy

When we cuddle close, warm, hugging gladly

The silent moments never, awkward never too long

When we sing together along to your favourite song

When I joke and you laugh with your little dimple

And that spot on your face, your little pimple

Your perfect in every way you’d ever need to be

That’s why I love you, and hope to stay forever happy


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Phil lister 30/09/17

Picture – pixabay

Fantasy of a teacher

I can’t stop thinking about you, I anticipate our lesson every week

The way you talk, the way you teach, it makes me feel weak

I fantasize about you when you are there

You dazzle me with your gorgeous hair

I imagine I am the only one in the class

I can’t stop checking out your toned ass

I wonder what’s underneath your blouse

I bet you’ve silky skin and how

Your talking, professional, as always

Your eyes always attract my gaze

How do I tell you how I feel?

I will wait till the end of the lesson and kneel?

It’s so long waiting for the time to pass by

I see you looking at me out of the corner of your eye

The others are working, heads are all face down

You put your pen in your mouth, licking all around

Oh my god I’m rock hard I can’t even move

What have you done to me, oh I do approve

You unbutton one button and pull down one side

I see your neck, I’m here hypnotized

The class is over, I can’t get up

Embarrassingly enough, I’m up and stuck

The class walks out, there’s just me and you

You approach me, oh god, what are you going to do?

“i know what you want, we haven’t got much time”

“relax, enjoy, I’m going to make you mine”

She unzips my fly and releases me from my trap

She drops to her knees and starts sucking just like that

She looks at me with her eyes, turning me on

She leans forward just enough to expose her thong

Oh my god, she’s amazing, she is so good at that

I can’t stop myself, oh god there’s no going back

She continues to suck she doesn’t even stop

Oh my god she took it all, every single drop

” Now perhaps you can concentrate in my class”

“i saw you every time checking out my ass”

I zip myself up amazed at what just went on

The next class starts to enter “come on class, move along”


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Phil lister 30/09/17

The recipe of a sensual pie

I start by undressing the fruits prepared by a delicate shower

I tasted one with my mouth after wanting to for hours

I gently mix the ingredients, preparing with my hands

Before I knead together, it looks perfect, exactly as I planned

The moment comes to lick the spoon, I want to savour the taste

Now to whisk together the emotions and to control the pace

I turn up the temperature just right to attain perfection

It is the moment I’ve been waiting for, I tremble, sensational explosion


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Phil lister and Celine chauvelon 29/09/17

Next challenge please!

I had 6 responses, I did 6 poems in less than 12 hours

Hi guys, I thought of this and I really like the idea of me interacting with you, sometimes we all need a little bit of inspiration. 

So guys, Inspiration for next poem please, Hit me with your best shot and I’ll try and convert it with my ideas for your pleasure and mine

Stay positive! X

What did you believe?


I used to believe lots of things

If I dug in the garden I could have everything

Game boy games, a game boy too

Dig to China, or Australia woo

What did you used to believe?

Like Popeye, my brother and I ate leaves

I could smoke grass like tobacco

I could fly with a duvet, wooooaaa

My bike sounded like a motorbike

I could take off with my trike

When we’re kids we have so much imagination in us

Enjoy it while it lasts, stay innocent, it’s a great plus!


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Phil lister 29/09/17

I am almighty!

I feel strong, I believe in me

I am God, I am almighty

I feel no pain

Never restrained

I can walk on water, watch my feet

Even the water is scared of defeat

I raise my hand and fire descends

My volcanic fireball, no defence

I am great, feel my power

This is now, this is my hour

Kneel before me, do what I ask

Kill for me, fulfil my task

I am good, I am evil

Look at me now, how powerful!


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Phil lister 29/09/17

Ask the question!


Did he dare ask the question one more time?

Assessing the mayhem, the mess, the grime

Did he call him to suffer his wrath

His axe wielded, his sadistic laugh

She comes down the stairs, “what’s going on?”

Go back to bed, I’ll be right along

She climbs back up the stairs humming away

Oblivious of what the madman has done this day

Suddenly, shattered glass, a lightning strike

Black cloak in front of him starting to fight

He falls to his feet like a heavy sack

The cloak prepares himself with his axe

The man raises his hand, pleads for his life

The girl is back there, scared on this night

Don’t hurt my girl, please leave her alone

As you wish, his axe, through flesh and through bone

The girl screamed, loud as she could

The cloak whispers to her “be quiet, be good”

He raises his axe one more time

She cowers beneath his line

She closes her eyes and waits for the blade

Did she die? Or did she evade?

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Phil lister 29/09/17

Book Stephen king “the cell”

A little bit about me


Here it goes, I’m a simple lad, complicated and mad,

I’m calm, wild, ecstatic, spontaneous and sad

I am from England, lived there till I was 27

From then on I came to France, it wasn’t exactly heaven

I got two kids, a 6 year old and a baby too

I’d do anything for them, my girlfriend too

It’s pretty lonesome in France, in the country here

Mainly boredom around us, nothingness to endear

I like to play games but I’ve pretty much stopped

So I write my poetry to stop me losing the plot

When I’m sad the words just flow

I start to write, away I go

Is that enough information for you?

I hope through your spyglass you enjoy the view


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Phil lister 29/09/17

A poet’s interaction with you!

Welcome all to my poetry page

I’m letting you all visit my cage

To see what inspires me, what makes me tick

Taste me like ice cream, go on have a lick

I like to shock, to cause a fuss

Stir emotion and occasionally to cuss

If I didn’t get reaction, my drug, my food

I would stop, starve myself, change my mood

To be low, emotionally on the floor

Opens my floodgates and I need to write more

If you all ignored me, It would cause me to doubt

My writing for you, for me, what’s it all about?

What makes me write is an addiction to me

To please the reader, to have a reaction you see

I like when you respond, talk to this loner

Cause I’m sorry, but i’m a bit of a Jonah

But when I see you comment I think you must like

And to me it’s the reason, the reason to write

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Phil lister 29/09/17

Fight to survive


The stench of them, escapees, days it’s been

In the boat, it’s horrific scenes

Piss, sweat, blood and tears

Silence wearily breeding fear

Little water, no food left

Weak pushed overboard, laid to rest

They’ve paid their money to board the boat

It’s a wonder it has stayed afloat

Coming up to land, they see it there

They start to overcome their despair

Out of the boat someone cries

Pushed into the water by the other guys

Winded, swallowing water now

Your submerged, pushed down, and how

You try to fight with others around you

All of you battling to breath too

You hear shouting, just muffled sounds

You feel other people’s bodies all around

You come to the surface and catch your breath

It seems like you have passed the test

You look around in the water near you

Drowned bodies in a sea of death stew

This is the freedom you have seeked

Only for the strong, not the weak

You swim for the shore, as hard as you can

What will you do? What will be your plan?

It’s still so far, so far away

Will you reach it? Get there today?

You push and push, more and more

You start to touch the sea floor

Exhausted, emotional, you reach the land

You feel the ground, the wet sand

You start to cry, your an emotional mess

To survive all that, you must have been blessed


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Phil lister 29/09/17

Picture – pixabay