Stood beside you

You can’t see him

But you know

He’s there


You should be scared

But you want to give

Your purity

To him


You don’t know when

Nor how it will begin

You just want to

Be loved


All of a sudden

Your one desire pounces

His true thirst

Your blood

Alone in my kingdom

Let me dance

Be alone

In my kingdom

It is my home


I love it there

So tranquil

Harmony, peace

My only will


Hours pass

Daydreaming away

Not a care

No need to pray


Look out at the sky

Lose myself in blue

Bliss swallows me

Happiness so true

Beautiful carer

Beauty is not about how pretty you are

It is about your heart and soul and who you are

Helping others and being selfless through the day

Picking up litter and caring for others, that’s the way

Concern, kind words, giving your time

These are the people that are really fine

My respect goes out to each and every one of you

You are all amazing, keep doing what it is that you do

Oh little bird

Oh little bird

How you fly

Oh little bird

How you catch my eye

I love to observe

Your every move

I love to observe

Your beautiful plumes

Soar high be free

Glisten in the sky

Soar high be free

Never have to ask why

One percent

I am the one percent

The different

The bizarre

The unpure

The whore

The unseen

The bore


I am unheard


My blurbs

A waste of space

Hell this place

Remember not

Will you?

My face

Spider creep

The spider creeped

Upon her seat

And tickled her

Playfully there

She couldn’t believe

What she had seen

This bold black ball

Soft like wool

She henched right back

Then gave him a whack

Poor little spider

No longer beside her


As my shadow

Following my errors

Echoing my ways

Tracing my path

Justifying my actions

Finalizing my every mistake

Couldn’t do it without you