The giver

The givers

The takers

The winners

The fakers

Do you feel better

Giving what you do

Just like robin hood

Taking, so true

Giving to charity

Great thing, why not

All is needed

They need a lot

Maybe you feel better

For giving away some wealth

Maybe you’re a good person

And you have your health

Charity starts at home

Look after your own

Your poor workers

Tents for homes


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Spider creep

The spider creeped

Upon her seat

And tickled her

Playfully there

She couldn’t believe

What she had seen

This bold black ball

Soft like wool

She henched right back

Then gave him a whack

Poor little spider

No longer beside her


I adorn you

I follow the with my heart

You have full control

Every part of my soul

Lead me through the flames

Feed my every desire

I hang on every word

My ears devour with hunger

How does it feel to be adorned

I lay my life for you

I am your pawn


It’s over for you

All you spool

People believed

What you decreed

All your cash

Oh so brash

Messing around

Stormy abound

Power and lies

So despised

Coming for you

Great big fool

Needs a jolt

Protest, revolt



I hope you suffer

For what you’ve done

You’ve ruined my life

Before it’s begun

And for what this act?

To mark me for life?

Am I not good enough?

To be someone’s wife?

You’re a coward

You burned my face

You deformed me

Turned my skin to waste

I hope you rot

And you feel guilt inside

I will recover

I will live my life

Ivory and gleam

Drinking at the waterhole

Tranquil as can be

Along came a hunter

Wanting some ivory

Watching patiently

Saw him with his gun

Positioning himself

Gleaming in the sun

Silence before gunfire

Then the animals roared

The poor defenseless hunter

Lay dead on the floor


Dragged by mummy

Bad men

Round mummy


What are you doing


Don’t take

My mummy





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In a cage all alone

Cannot move or even roam

Like a dog wandering round

Quiet now, not a sound

Beaten blue, bats and fists

No protection, never missed

So hungry, starving here

Darkness frightening, feeding fear

Why this abuse, what have I done

They’re sniggering, having fun

Just want it to end, set me free

End this pain, this misery.


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Poor boy


Youths in the street, jostling all together

They laugh, they joke, hoodies any weather.

Phones out watching videos they have made

A boy, the last victim whom they had preyed.

Their last attack, fatal, a poor young boy

A pack, circled, to see blood spilt oh joy.

Grounded surrounded, begging for some help

Calling for mum, he cannot help himself.

His eyes, such fear, knowing he’s gonna die

The last, final gasp, as life leaves his eyes.


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Phil lister 03/06/18