Free books for all

Hey all,

Quite happy today, my 1st book is sitting well in the kindle free standings, 1st place in poetry about love and also 1st place in love and erotic poetry.

If you look closely my third book is sitting in 7th place on both pages too. You may be thinking why put it up for free? well, why not? at least it may be seen now. Its better than sitting there unsold or paying money to advertise for a loss on sales.

Please, if anyone wishes to download a free copy of any of my books, click on the link below:

and pick up one of my books Free or why not All of them, just please leave a review, it would be so nice on your behalf.

Thank you all, have a great day and be positive!

Free dare to defy

Limited time

If the links do not work try searching in your relevant Amazon country, free download for all available for a limited time.

My latest poetry book is available for a free download on Amazon. Get it now!

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A fan!

So happy to have this follower,

He has purchased both books, and I’m one of his favorite poets