Free books for all

Hey all,

Quite happy today, my 1st book is sitting well in the kindle free standings, 1st place in poetry about love and also 1st place in love and erotic poetry.

If you look closely my third book is sitting in 7th place on both pages too. You may be thinking why put it up for free? well, why not? at least it may be seen now. Its better than sitting there unsold or paying money to advertise for a loss on sales.

Please, if anyone wishes to download a free copy of any of my books, click on the link below:

and pick up one of my books Free or why not All of them, just please leave a review, it would be so nice on your behalf.

Thank you all, have a great day and be positive!

Free dare to defy

Limited time

If the links do not work try searching in your relevant Amazon country, free download for all available for a limited time.

My latest poetry book is available for a free download on Amazon. Get it now!

Don’t forget to leave a review.

Publishing ebook and ams ads

Yesterday was a fun day again. Lot less complicated, I had my second poetry book to publish as an ebook.

Using kdp much easier than paperback, few tweaks in my manuscript and it was done. Uploaded jpg cover, checked over and good to go.

Completed all necessary then sent off to Amazon.

Once I got the email the same day from Amazon confirming submission ok I added my new books to my author page in author central to link all my books.

Then into ams ads, I copied my rhyming ads and downloaded a csv report of results, all successful keywords I copied into new advert, set price and ready to go.

Submitted to Amazon, awaiting, my weekend of book editing done!

Self publishing a paperback with Amazon kdp


Hi all,

As you know, I’m a normal English guy living in France, I’m enjoying writing. Poetry and my first novel.

The stress I had yesterday with my cover designer trying to agree to finalise my third book. I know what I want but trying to get that into a design has been hard as balls.

With baby in bed, several hours of tweaking it was finally what I wanted. Simple, bold, striking.

Now came the editing, does anyone know the hell of editing on word and then into kindle? Ahhhhhhh, my manuscript was already ready, but once into kindle I hated the margins, a quick change and (25 extra pages) oh great, I’m being sarcastic.

Then to read through the entire poetry book and correct all my silly little mistakes, your you’re of have. Grrrr I i. What a palarva. Finally it was ready, upload again to kindle. The internet here is god awful and it can take a good 5 minutes to get the preview up.

My god, kindle previewer adds pages, kicks out format, and is in general a pain in the ass. Then I had to change the size for the cover, sorry Charlie.

A thousand reuploads later (at least 7) it was finally ready to go, price decided and sent off to kdp for validation.

I started to look at e-book to prepare, then I saw 2 things that I wanted to change on paperback, nevermind it can wait. 2330, I’ve had enough, Saturday over, let’s sleep.

Publishing a poetry book

Hello all,

A question for you all, I have enough poems now to put to print for a first book. I have talked to 3 publishing agencies now but the first was never there to receive my calls then finally said they would not publish previously published work, authors house want minimum 799 pounds to publish a book with lots of feedback online saying they are not to be trusted when publishing poems, I have submitted my work to 2 other publishers but I do not know what to expect. I’m looking for a forum that actually recommends publishers to go with as I am not looking to be ripped off, it is looking as though most publishers do not take on the charges of getting a book published and it is you that would have to pay.

Is there anyone who has already published a poetry book? Who did you go with? How much did it cost? Did you make a profit? How many sales did you make? Was it worth it?

Another question, does Amazon kindle work for publishing a poetry book? Experiences? (hard copy)